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Monday Theatre Company!

 September 18, 2023- June 9, 2024

  • MONDAY Level 4, Ages 10 +,  5-6pm 

Welcome to our Theatre Company Class, where creativity takes center stage! Immerse yourself in the world of drama and storytelling as our expert instructors guide you through the intricacies of acting, improvisation, and stagecraft. Unleash your inner performer, build confidence, and collaborate with fellow theatre enthusiasts to nring captivating stories to life. Weather you're a seasoned actor or new to the stage, our Theatre Company class offers a supportive and dynamic environment to explore the magic of theatre together. 

Image by Meg Wagener

Private Classes

Private Voice and Acting Classes! In person privates held at MVMT Dance Center in Saddle Brook, NJ. Email us to schedule your private class and set up a payment plan. 

Private Class Rates: 

  • 45min $50 ($200)

  • 60min $60 ($240)

Private Voice Lessons. Voice lessons may either be 45min or 1hr. You must commit to a total of 4 or more private lessons which may be used anytime during the year.

Email us to customize your Private Coaching bookings.

Early Bird Registration! Register by September 12 
and waive your registration fee of $30.

Musical Theater Tuesday's!

September 19, 2023- June 4, 2024

  • Tuesday Ages 5-6,  5-6pm

Welcome to our enchanting Musical Theatre class tailored specifically for the young stars aged 5 and 6! Our class is a magical journey where imagination takes center stage, introducing your little ones to the captivating world of music, dance, and storytelling. Through a perfect blend of creative play, rhythmic movement, and expressive activities, our experienced instructors foster a nurturing environment where budding talents can bloom.

In this lively and engaging setting, children will explore the joys of self-expression, gain confidence, and develop essential skills such as teamwork and communication. From acting out beloved fairy tales to learning simple choreography, our Musical Theatre class encourages kids to explore their creativity and discover their own unique voices. Join us as we embark on a musical adventure filled with laughter, imagination, and the sheer delight of performing. Watch your child shine on stage and create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.


Wednesday Acting!

September 20, 2023 - June 5, 2024

  • Wednesday Ages 7 - 10yrs, 6-7pm

Welcome to our dynamic Musical Theatre and Acting class designed exclusively for aspiring young performers aged 7 to 10 years old! Unleash your child's inner star as they dive into the captivating realms of music, acting, and self-expression. Led by experienced instructors, this class offers a well-rounded experience where creativity knows no bounds.

Through a perfect blend of theatre games, improvisation exercises, vocal training, and movement activities, participants will develop fundamental acting skills while discovering the magic of musical storytelling. From bringing iconic characters to life to learning the art of stage presence, our class nurtures confidence, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

Whether your child dreams of treading the boards or simply wants to boost their self-assurance, our Musical Theatre and Acting class provides a safe and supportive space to learn, grow, and shine. Join us in crafting unforgettable moments on stage and cultivating skills that will leave a lasting impact both on and off the spotlight.


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I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.


Friday Theatre Acting /
On Camera Technique

September 17, 2023- June 7, 2024

  • Friday  Ages 7-10,  5-6pm

  • Friday Ages  10 +,  6-7pm

Step into the spotlight with our Theatre Acting and On-Camera Technique class, a comprehensive journey for individuals of all experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned actor or just beginning to explore the world of performance, this class offers a unique blend of traditional stage acting and the intricacies of on-camera work.

Led by industry professionals, our class delves into the art of emotive storytelling, character development, and vocal mastery that are essential for captivating stage performances. But that's not all – we also dive into the nuances of on-camera acting, helping you navigate the subtle differences required for film and television. From close-up expressions to understanding camera angles, our instructors guide you through the intricacies of performing for the lens.

Discover the thrill of adapting your craft to different mediums and gain the confidence to shine both on stage and on screen. Whether you aspire to act in theatre, film, or both, our Theatre Acting and On-Camera Technique class equips you with the tools and techniques to excel in every facet of your acting journey. Join us and elevate your skills to new heights in a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

‘In the Club’ from ‘In the Heights Musical’
‘Hot Honey Rag’ from ‘Chicago the Musical’

Friday Night Lights!
On Camera Class

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Act it out Fridays _edited_edited.jpg

September 23, 2023- June 8, 2024

  • Want to perform a solo, duo or trio in the Spring Showcase? Sign up for private, duo or trio group sessions between 10am -12pm. Must commit to a toal of 4 Sessions. 

  • 45min ($50).

  • 60min ($60). 

September 24, 2023 - June 9, 2024

  • Sunday Voice, Open Levels, 4-5pm. 

  • Sunday Private Voice Lessons. Available between 12pm -3pm. 

Elevate your child's voice to new heights with our engaging Voice Technique class designed for kids and tweens. Guided by skilled vocal coaches, this class is a perfect blend of fun and learning, aimed at helping young voices discover their full potential.

In this interactive and supportive environment, participants will learn essential vocal techniques, breathing exercises, and warm-up routines to strengthen their vocal cords and enhance their range. From building confidence in solo singing to harmonizing with others, our class empowers students to express themselves with clarity and grace.

Whether your child is an aspiring singer, actor, or simply looking to improve their communication skills, our Voice Technique class provides a foundation that lasts a lifetime. Join us in exploring the power of the human voice and watch your child's self-assurance and musicality flourish in a vibrant and inclusive setting.


Sunday Voice Class!

  • ​Film Day $75.  

Lights, Camera, Action: Your Film Day Experience!

Step into the world of filmmaking with our exhilarating Film Day event, exclusively for students with stars in their eyes! This is your chance to take center stage, both in front of and behind the camera, as you bring your scene or monologue to life and capture your essence in a stunning professional headshot.

Your Film Day Adventure: Experience the thrill of the film industry as you become the star of your own story. From scripting to rehearsing, and finally, to filming, our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. Whether you're a budding actor or a first-time filmmaker, this is your platform to shine.

Scene or Monologue Filming: Choose your moment to shine! Bring your favorite scene or monologue to the spotlight and showcase your acting prowess. Our experienced crew will capture your performance with professional equipment, preserving your talent for a lifetime.

Professional Headshot Session: Get ready for your close-up! Our talented photographers will craft a headshot that captures your unique personality and potential. This is more than just a picture – it's an opportunity to show the world your star quality.

Embark on a Magical Journey with Aladdin Jr.!

Calling all families and young performers! Join us for an enchanting adventure as we bring the timeless tale of Aladdin to life in our production of Aladdin Jr. Delight in the magic of the Arabian Nights and watch as your child's dreams take flight on the stage.

About the Production: Our Aladdin Jr. production is a captivating blend of music, dance, and storytelling, tailored for young talents to shine. From soaring musical numbers to captivating characters, this is an opportunity for your child to immerse themselves in the world of theatre and create cherished memories.

How to Participate: Step into a world of wonder by registering your child for auditions August 15 & 17. We invite families to witness the magic of theatre as their young stars become part of the Aladdin Jr. cast. *If you missed our auditions your child may still participate in the ensemble!

Don't Miss Out: Limited spots are available, so don't wait to embark on this magical journey with us. Let your child's imagination soar as they bring Aladdin, Jasmine, and all their favorite characters to life.

Purple Gradient Neon Modern Coming Soon Poster Portrait.png

Dates TBD ! 


Disney's Aladdin Jr! 


Watch us in Action! Like and subscribe to our Youtube Channel! 

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