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Week 1: July 8-12 ‘Curtain Call’ at the Carnival.
‘Curtain Call’ at the Carnival offers a vibrant experience for kids and tweens, blending the magic of Broadway with the excitement of a carnival atmosphere. Unleash creativity through performing arts, fostering confidence and teamwork in a dynamic and fun-filled camp setting. Campers actively participate in crafting their own script and shaping every element of the final day’s captivating performance.

Week 2: July 15-19 ‘Pop Stars’ Chart-Topping Tunes.
Dive into the world of music at our Pop Stars Chart-Topping Tunes Camp! This electrifying experience is designed for aspiring young talents eager to explore the art of creating and performing hit songs. From vocal mastery to songwriting secrets, embark on a musical journey that harmonizes learning and fun, promising a chart-topping summer like no other.

Week 3: July 22-26 ‘Broadway Bliss’ Performing the Classics!
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Broadway with Broadway Bliss. This camp is a harmonious blend of theatrical exploration, dance, and vocal training, creating an experience where aspiring performers can discover their passion for the stage. Join us for a week of artistic growth, camaraderie, and the pure joy of bringing Broadway magic to life.

Week 4: July 29- Aug 2 ‘Enchanting Musicals’ Wish Upon a Star. Step into the enchanting world of musicals and wish upon a star at our “Enchanting Musicals” camp. Delve into the magic of song, dance, and theatrical storytelling as young performers bring their favorite fairy tales and fantasies to life. It’s a week filled with creativity, laughter, and the joy of creating enchanting moments on the stage.

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Looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your child entertained this over Spring Break? Look no further than The Broadway Originals' week-long Musical Theater camp! Designed for ages 5-14yrs, our camps offer a unique opportunity for young performers to explore the exciting world of Broadway and unleash their inner star.


Each week, campers will learn choreography, acting, and singing from an immersive and unique theme  all under the guidance of our experienced instructors. 

And the fun doesn't stop there! On the last day of camp, families are invited to attend a special performance showcasing everything our campers have learned. It's a chance for your child to shine on stage and show off their newfound skills.


With flexible scheduling options and a welcoming, supportive environment, The Broadway Originals' Musical Theater camps are the perfect way to inspire creativity, build confidence, and make lasting memories this summer. Enroll your child today and let their Broadway dreams come to life with The Broadway Originals!"


Full Day and Half Day Camp Dates and Times:

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